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Aging Changes in the Skin |

Dr. Judith Crowell, Dermatologist with Baptist Health South Florida, explains when we are young we have more of a triangular shape to our face, and as we get older, we start getting broader, especially on the lower face.

She says this happens because we start getting notches in the chin area, and the upper lip gets thicker as compared to the lower lip.


But I want to show our viewers how our skin changes throughout the years and doctor walk us through this tell me what we’re looking at right now so we’re gonna look at the external changes that we all see and it happens to all of us man – it happens to everyone right and it happens almost exactly the same way right same way maybe not the same time because genetics may play a little part in that but we all go through these changes men do it too a little bit differently than women but we’re gonna hone in on women today and what I want you to notice is that when we are young we have more of a triangular shape to our face as we get older we start getting broader especially on our lower face and that’s because we start getting these jowls we start getting these little notches on arch and our chin area always this elongates you know when they talk about being long in the tooth that’s because we start seeing more of the tooth as we get older and the upper lip gets thicker as compared to the lower when you’re younger it’s like 1/3 to 2/3 now it’s about equal and then of course you start seeing the the troughs that run under the eye the eye trough and there’s also usually a trough that’s running down in here and I can show you why that happened and we get loss of bone that starts to show us a much bigger eye socket you

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