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Back Pain: Physical Therapy, Health Channel

Ways to properly use joints, heat and cold therapies, range of motion and flexibility exercises, and assistive devices are some of the physical and occupational therapies to treat back pain.

Dr. Jose Mena, Interventional Spine Specialist with Miami Orthopedics and Sports Medicine Institute, says the physical therapy is about showing the patients how to lift things and how to handle things in a proper manner, and the exercises are to allow you to have some mobility back, because you want to regain it after having an injury.


Back Pain: Physical Therapy, Health Channel

We’re going to show you a graphic about what we’re looking at which includes ways to properly use joints work that’s common sense but a lot of people just aren’t using it correctly right that’s right so normally that would what the physical therapist has been showing is normally what we call biomechanics how to lift things how to handle things in a proper manner one of the things that they employ will be the what we call the modalities that we the eyes that call the ultrasound what they do is just to feel better in the session they’re not gonna intend to help you in the long term those things you can do at home so you don’t need to go to a physical to a physical therapist or an occupational therapist just to get eyes or cold range of motion and flexibility after exercises will be just to as part of the continuum of them of the of the treatment to allow you some some mobility back sometimes when someone has injured gets injured some of the mobility is being lost so you want to regain that mobility back then what we call assistive devices so normally will be canes or walkers depending on the patient’s needs sometimes they may need those things and either the physician or the physical therapy might recommend that they will let us know and we write a prescription for that or the physician we you might be able to notice that during the clinic we might be able to prescribe that to the patient and Ralph are their lifestyle changes that people can do just to make things a little better just use proper body mechanics at the end of the day and like dr. Bennett says view exercise and just follow a well-balanced me or I guess or lifestyle then you could prevent back pain and things like this from occurring and things at home can some people maybe they don’t like to do these exercises anything at home that you could suggest that’s really not that bad that we can improve our core you know normally will be when trying to get a couple minutes during it just takes about five to 10 minutes of the day so if you were watching a TV show that you like you can start at that point doing the exercise program while you’re there in the commercial so people are watching also during the commercial breaks yeah it’s a good time guys start doing the back exercises so every time there’s a there’s a there’s a spot that you can you can employ and you can do those those exercises so if you are watching the show every set of commercial you can do some of the exercises and that will be able to to help yourself avoid any back injuries you

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