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A Safe Haven for Newborns is an option for women that are pregnant and do not know what to do, are hiding their pregnancy, and for those that are pregnant and receiving no medical care.

Nick Silverio, Founder of A Safe Haven for Newborns, explains they receive seven or eight calls per day from all over the state of Florida. “Our first objective is to get the mom helped so she can have a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby. Hopefully, if we get her help in the community, when she lives, she will keep her child”.


I know we have a graphic and it’s where to call for safe haven and and what kind of questions as a mother would ask herself if they’re thinking about leaving their child at say in a safe haven well we get we get about seven or eight calls per day from all over the state and the questions could be how can you help me if you’re pregnant yeah if you think you’re pregnant or or you don’t know who sorry if or you know what you do yeah if you don’t know what to do and they’ll do that or you’re hiding your pregnancy or know someone who is you’re not receiving a prenatal care medical care and if you’re pregnant considering the safety of an option or want to know more about it how can we help you and we address all of those issues completely and we tell our first objective is to get the mom help so she can have a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby and hopefully if we get her help in the community in which she lives she’ll keep her child and that’s what our goal is dr. Fernandez and when you have these mothers may come in and may ask about the program do you often see that in the hospital as well thankfully by the time that that I see a patient in the hospital these situations of of placement or mother’s I’ve had this decision of not wanting to keep their baby that’s pretty much already been taken care of sometimes by a safe-haven conduit and other times by by other routes but certainly I am always sensitive to that situation and if I suspect that a mother is considering to abandon her child we will get social service involved right away we will get proper counseling involved and we will offer her that alternative right you.

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