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How medical history is related to birth control methods? Dr. Ellen Schwartzbard, Obstetrician and Gynecologist with Baptist Health South Florida, explains medical history is important because for somebody with high blood pressure over the age of 35, estrogen is not going to be an option.


What about overall health is there anything in particular you look for in a patient’s medical history to determine this might not work for you this will be better for you right absolutely their medical history is very important for example going back to birth control pills we talked about the increased risk of blood clots and DVT right if somebody’s had a previous blood clot then they are not a candidate for the birth control pills that have estrogen so then we have to look at a progesterone only form of birth control for them if somebody has high blood pressure high blood pressure over the age of 35 again the estrogen forms of birth control is not going to be an option for them so what complete medical history is very important when you’re looking at all these options now are there ways to compare the different types of birth control let’s say you put a patient on birth control maybe they don’t react well to it now they go on something else is there a way to determine what you mean might wait let me work for you when what may not right so a lot of people think if they go on one birth control pill let’s just speak about the pill for example then they think they can’t take the pill right the pill isn’t right for them but the pills do vary from one to the other not all pills are exactly the same each pill varies in the amount of estrogen so some are considered very low dose estrogen some are higher we’re not going to call them high dose pills and then the type of progesterone so if you for example get headaches on one we can actually change the pill right and you might do better on a different dosage of the of a pill and then moods for example just because you get really moody on one pill we can actually change it and we might find a different one that works well for you

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