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Anxiety and depression, diabetes, lifestyle choices and low testosterone are the most common causes of erectile dysfunction. Dr. Daniel Martinez, Urologist with Baptist Health South Florida, explains each cause and also says drug abuse, smoking and alcohol can contribute to develop the condition.


I want to go over the causes again I’ve been wrecked I’ll dysfunction because I think it’s very important to bring up and the first one being anxiety and depression sure anxiety depression can cause erectile dysfunction when somebody gets anxious they produce hormones that will help them survive a stressful situation these are our fight or flight hormone release of course we’re not prepared to have sexual intercourse that say if somebody comes up to puts a gun in your head to your head or tries to rob you that’s not an ideal time for some people maybe they make so entirely depression this performance anxiety of course is one of the major factors diabetes you’re talking about at least 10 years earlier you’re gonna be diagnosed erectile dysfunction about three to five times risk increased risk of developing erectile dysfunction certain medications does not mean that the patient can stop the medications because usually what you’re treating can also cause erectile dysfunction and or worse right but many medications will have that as a side effect low testosterone are very controversial and very hot topic nowadays but can also it’s part of the fact of why men can I get an erection of course lifestyle choice smoking drug use too much alcohol use things like that why is low testosterone a hot topic well it’s very controversial nowadays I think we live in a society that is obsessed with testosterone if you open the newspaper local newspaper and go to the sports section you’re gonna see about 10 different places you can go to get testosterone replaced right and so yes it is part of the reason why a man may have sexual dysfunction but it’s not the cure to sexual dysfunction okay now it is American Heart Month so I want to really focus on a couple of things first of all diabetes a men with diabetes are 2 to 3 times more likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction and those without diabetes so why this connection why have you have more diabetes you’re more prone to eg diabetes mellitus recall fibrosis okay so this fibrosis this scarring that some people develop in the actual erectile tissue of a man’s penis will destroy their blood vessel will destroy the muscle of the actual smooth muscle the actual corpora which is the part of the penis that fills up a blood and so diabetes is incredibly important it’s something that you should treat that you should control because if you don’t you’re gonna end up with many other health problems the when we’re talking about today is of course erectile dysfunction you

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