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Is it true that you can always get hernias from lifting heavy objects? Dr. Jerrold Young, General Surgeon with Hernia Institute of Florida, answers this question and talks about the causes of hernia.


Everyone thinks that oh you can only get her notes from living lifting heavy objects this is true no not specifically that is one of the main causes of people developing hernias I mentioned earlier that particularly in the groin area where we see England hernias there is a weak area that is a natural area and in fact women have that weak area to wear which is the area where the muscles opened up to let the testicles come out in women it lets the round ligament come out which is an attachment to the uterus on the inside so that the common cause of the hernia would be repeated lifting coughing smoking is a very very important factor which will increase the risks of developing hernias as well because smoking changes what scar tissue is formed it changes the collagen levels at and for instance if you have a scar and your scar forms if you’re a smoker the scar is not going to be as strong as in a nonsmoker so that’s one of the causes as well of course heredity is a cause because the anatomy of the person is very important in determining whether they’re going to get a hernia or not so if everybody in the family has hernias and their Anatomy is sort of more prone to cause or allow a hernia to develop then patient will be more it’ll be more more likely they’re going to get a hernia you

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