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Causes of Oral Pain, Health Channel

With a digital imaging, Dr. Arnaldo Lopez, General Dentist and Owner with SOMI Dental Group, describes when the pain in the tooth starts.
The specialist says everything depends on patients. Most of them feel sensitivity around the necks of the teeth, but others feel it mostly in the jaw.
He also explains sensitivity is not always a bad thing. Sometimes, patients think they need root canals, but it could be teeth recession that causes all of that discomfort.


Causes of Oral Pain, Health Channel

When someone says oh my gosh my tooth really hurts we’re in that diagram is the pain starting so the pain would start it all depends on the specific patient some patients feel sensitivity on the around the necks of the of the actual teeth others will feel it mostly in the jaw because what happens is imagine like if you had a balloon and you started filling up that balloon and you had that infection happening right around this area here if that balloon kept inflating inside the bone that pressure is what actually the patients feel and is what causes the pain so a little bit generalized a lot of times when I’ll tap the tooth they’ll feel it on the top so it’s kind of everywhere and it’s really uncomfortable all right so come back and join me over here we’re gonna talk about sensitivity too because a lot of people will say guys my teeth I feel sensitive and I’m not sure why so why does it a tooth get sensitive and also I’ve always been curious about this one when you have like ice cream or something cold and you go like that you know doesn’t mean something’s wrong not necessarily know some people have teeth that are a little bit more sensitive than others what I found is there are these specific lesions in the teeth called class five lesions and there’s basically caused by the way that you’re biting down and the pressures that are on the teeth but also because of recession so when their gums recede they start to expose parts of the roots and when those roots are exposes when you start feeling a lot of sensitivity so sometimes patients even come in thinking that they need root canals and other treatment it’s really just that recession that’s causing all that discomfort you

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