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Causes of Osteoarthritis, Health Channel

Phillip DePaola, Physician Assistant with Miami Orthopedics and Sports Medicine Institute, says there are many causes of osteoarthritis, such as a traumatic episode, a mechanical issue, age can play a factor, gender and weight play factors.

“Genetics plays a role. We usually have patients saying their parents had replacements, and if you have active parents, there are chances of being active; that could play a role. It may not be a genetic component.”


Causes of Osteoarthritis, Health Channel

What causes arthritis I know that’s a very broad question so well unfortunate there’s not one answer for that the causes of arthritis if we’re looking we’re talking about osteoarthritis or the cartilage breakdown there’s a lot of different things I could either a there could be a traumatic episode the patient had a younger age there could be a mechanical issue where they you know we’re just let’s say you know bent down cause meniscal tear then later on that that area broke down there’s you know age can play obviously a factor gender plays a factor there other gonna wait plays a factor so it’s they can’t tell you one cause of what no arthritis is if now I think you know a lot of people say that it’s something that comes with with age but I agree a hundred percent it’s not something that necessarily happens you know whether I have patients who are 80 years old that their x-rays look fantastic I have patients who were thirty year old that they look terrible I’d like to joke I say you know in some ways it’s like part of growing up you know and then the other thing I like to say it’s kind of like we all have we all have a certain amount of treads on our tire and in time those those treads wear out but but everyone’s a little bit different I think genetics has a lot to do with it you know can you comment on that yeah I mean genetics definitely plays a role we have paid many patients that come in let’s say and have arthritic changes and they usually tell us oh my my father had to replace my mother had a replacement my grandparents so there’s a genetic component to it there may also be a part of the fact that you know if if the wear is from to increased activity if you had active parents chances are you’re active yourself and your kids are gonna be active and things like that so that could also play a role in – it may not be a genetic component but the activity level may be you

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