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Causes of Osteorarthritis |

Causes of Osteorarthritis, Health Channel

Osteorarthritis is a very common disease. Dr. Carlos Alvarado, Orthopedic Surgeon with Miami Orthopedics and Sports Medicine, talks about what causes it and how it affects the adult population.


Causes of Osteorarthritis, Health Channel

We hear that osteoporosis is so prevalent or else your arthritis I’m sorry so osteoarthritis is a very common thing it affects about 30% of patients in their fifth sixth and seventh and decade decade of life so it’s a very common thing and it’s getting more common the fastest-growing patient population when dealing with arthritis is our patients under 50 and the reason that that’s happening is multifactorial number one you know the old answer of sorry you can’t do that anymore because it hurts just sit in the chair and relax you know patients aren’t accepting that you know right people want to live people want to be active they want to continue to exercise and ski and go on vacation so you know if if I tell everyone that walks into my office that has arthritis you know you’re just gonna have to live with a deal I’m not gonna have a lot of patients no because we can do better than that is the reality and in the other reality of situation is that there is an issue you know not just in the United States but globally looking at patients in that same demographic with you know wait people are overweight so the knee and the hip are excess weight on them some of the largest joints in her body and they see a lot of stress so for example and then every day you know if you’re walking as much as you sure you’re taking about 10,000 steps our knees are seeing anywhere from 2 to 5 times our body weight with each step depending on what you’re doing so if you’re jogging it’s about 5 times body weight if you’re jumping it’s about 5 times body weight if you’re going up and down the stairs about two and a half times body weight so that’s with every step so the the bad thing is you know and these are taking a lot of punishment but the good thing is so if you do the math small changes in your weight small lifestyle changes so five pound weight loss that can result in significant decrease in stress across the knee and significant improvement as far as your overall knee you

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