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Causes of Pneumonia |

With a digital imaging, Stacey Baker, Infectious Disease Physician with Baptist Health South Florida, explains what is happening when a patient has pneumonia.
Pneumonia happens when people get inflammation along the lung and mucus can form in their airways. Mucus accumulation makes difficult for the patient to breathe, she describes.
Most of the times, people can present pneumonia in one portion of the lung, but patients can also present multilobar pneumonia, which means pneumonia is in multiple places in the lung.
People with other health issues are at greater risk of developing pneumonia such as patients who have smoking history or lung diseases (like asthma, chronic bronchitis or emphysema) or suppressed immune system, the doctor explains.
The experts say pneumonia can be caused by a variety of both viruses and bacteria as well as multiple other things. Bacterial pneumonia is the most common.

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