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The minority of cholesterol that people use came from their diet. Most cholesterol is made into our body. Dr. Ian del Conde, Cardiovascular Specialist with Miami Cardiac & Vascular Institute, says diet plays an important role but it is not definitive. The specialist also explains how atherosclerosis happens.


But I’d like to kind of pick your brain a little dr. del Conde and a little bit about cholesterol and how our body makes the cholesterol so that’s a great question we used to think that most of our cholesterol came from our diet and you know a few years ago you you would hear people obsessing about eggs and in other forms of food that you should really avoid but what we now know is that the majority of your cholesterol is made by your own body and Deliver specifically and only a minority of the cholesterol comes from from your diet so about 20% comes from your diet so diet plays an important but not as an important role as we used to think and so the liver makes cholesterol and then we get dietary cholesterol work as well and so what happens over time when there is this accumulation of cholesterol what are we looking at and what should we be worried about so cholesterol is the the basic basic building block of of this this is atherosclerosis full but it basically means that there’s buildup of cholesterol within the artery wall within the vessel that provides blood to the heart or the brain and cholesterol starts accumulating here that causes inflammation and this is what is dangerous to our health this is what can lead to a heart attack or stroke you

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