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Disc herniation, stenosis, spondylosis, degenerative disc disease, cervical fracture, and bone spurs are common causes of neck pain.

Dr. Ronald Tolchin, Medical Director of the Baptist Health Center for Spine Care, says stenosis happens as people get older and it is usually a result of arthritis. He explains spondylosis is arthritis, and it could affect small joints in the back of the neck, discs, or the entire spine, and it could turn into degenerative disc disease.


So talk to us about these common conditions that cause neck pain so disk herniation is the more serious one disk herniation is when a disc herniates out and starts touching the nerve and then you get that radiating pain that we were talking about earlier stenosis is a very interesting thing it happens as we get older it can actually happen from a disc herniation but it usually is a result of arthritis and that’s a narrowing of the canal the important consideration here is that when you narrow the canal the spinal cords in there and if you start touching your spinal cord that could affect things like balance bowel and bladder control hyperreflexia just being not coordinated well and that’s a very serious condition and can be very surgical condition spondylosis is just a fancy word for arthritis so it could affect your disc or the small joints in the back of the neck or the entire spine for that matter and can that turn into too turnt-up dis disease absolutely it’s a degenerative disc the disc is the cushion between the bones it’s very important to have that as we’re younger it’s nice soft and spongy as we get older it loses its hydration and it can crack and it can herniate so that’s something to consider a fracture is definitely very serious in the neck people know the common hangman’s fracture that’s a fracture of the c2 vertebra but any fracture due to trauma is a very serious condition in the neck and often requires surgery or some people can get away with bracing but it’s really it depends on which vertebrae is fractured how it’s fractured but it’s usually a very significant emergency bone spurs are a result of arthritis so that’s spondylosis term we saw a bone spurs occurred during lines of stress and they could start pushing on the nerves as the spur gets longer and starts compressing the nerve then you get the radiating pain now is there a specific age group that these disorders affect the most is it genetic is it age there definitely is a pre disposition in genetics they did Studies Danish researchers did Studies on twins and they used 15,000 twin twin studies looking at genetics and there’s definitely a significant genetic predisposition you degenerative disk disease you

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