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Common Problems of Breastfeeding |

Common Problems of Breastfeeding, Health Channel

Sore nipples, low milk supply, clogged ducts, and mastitis are common problems of breastfeeding. Jacquelyn Garcia, Lactation Nurse with the Center for Women and Infants at South Miami Hospital, says sore nipples come with poor latching, because they are a sensitive area and it takes some time to get the milk through.

She also explains if you are not breastfeeding frequently or putting your baby on to the breast enough, that is going to cause clogged ducts, leading to mastitis.


Common Problems of Breastfeeding, Health Channel

Let’s show our viewers a couple of challenges that you might experience if indeed you decide to breastfeed you may have sore nipples and why is that well sometimes with a poor latching that’s what caused the sore nipples regardless when you start breastfeeding they are gonna hurt because you know it’s a sensitive area doesn’t really get exposed that way so it takes some time for it to really get through it but it shouldn’t once you put the baby on to the breast it shouldn’t continue hurting the same amount it should hurt like initially when you latch but then it should cut like good seen you’re getting better and this is something that no one knows the low milk supply I mean that’s just the luck of the draw right cuz I have a friend of mine who you know she was very blessed on the upper side of her body and she she produced nothing as opposed to me that I’m just you know I have nothing to be honest I’m flat and and I became a double D Wow so in this situation you know size does not matter ladies yeah I mean there’s some breast conditions called hypoplasia breast hyperplasia that I mean there’s women that get breast augmentation so it’s very important to ask if they had breast surgery and why did they have a breast augmentation usually if it’s just to make them bigger then that’s fine but if it’s what’s to correct what’s called like a unilateral like breast you know one’s bigger than the other then that has the underlying issue because the important part is the lack of granular tissue so it doesn’t matter if you have big breasts but if you had very little glandular tissue that’s right then you’re not gonna produce that much milk what about clogged ducts how does that happen well it happens at the beginning once you get engorged and you’re not emptying your breasts frequently and now putting your baby onto the breast you know for if you’re waiting too long in between fees then that’s gonna cause the clogged ducts which will later you know if not treated if you don’t really stay on top of that it’ll lead to mastitis and then unfortunately maybe even create an abscess which is like a hole in your breast and let’s clarify what my status is so mastitis is more of an infection I usually cut it’s like a clogged duct but it’s worsened so it’s more like flu-like symptoms it’s red and it’s usually on one side of the breast and it’s very hard and usually it’s a bacteria that enters through like a crack nipple you

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