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The most common and feared surgery complication is infection. However, spine surgery has its own unique set of complications and Dr. Georgiy Brusovanik, Spine Surgeon with Baptist Health South Florida, explains some of them such as returns of disc herniation. He says always patients are concerned when they go to surgery.


So what are some of the complications from surgery so surgery in general the common and the feared one is infection right and we’ll talk hopefully in detail about how to address it and how to minimize that risk spine surgery itself has its own unique set of complications disk herniation sometimes rehan eight fusions sometimes don’t take and this patient sometimes need to have more surgery Hardware sometimes it’s placed badly and sometimes the surgery doesn’t really match the patient so it’s important to be real you know studious before you make the diagnosis but it’s even more important once there’s a complication to really address it figure out exactly what the problem is and get the patient back on track is this a common concern that a lot of your patients may have maybe before going into surgery oh that’s a universal concern it’s the most important point of discussion before surgery and it’s something that I like to discuss with patients multiple times you know I say the patients we’re going to battle together and you know you sort of say facetiously you sort of say it as a joke but the reality is that when you go to a surgery the patient’s going to be the one that’s injured and is it more or is it less injured depends on a lot of things and if a complication happens it’s important to make sure that the surgeon sort of helps the patient get through it you

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