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Concerning About Back Pain |

Dr. Ronald Tolchin, Medical Director of the Baptist Health Center for Spine Care, says back injuries and back pain are the second most common things to consult with a doctor, next to common cold.

The specialist argues exercise is very important. “It’s really important to get at least 30 minutes of exercise five days a week. It’s crucial to a healthy back and to a healthy living.”


What are the most common back problems people experience would you say? Well I would say most commonly is sprains and strains of the spine we are going to be talking about that in a little bit but that’s one of the more common things that people come to see the physician for in fact it’s the second most common thing to see a physician next to cold the common cold. Really so cold would be number one this would be number two it’s really prevalent today why is it so prevalent with back injuries and back pain what’s going on? Well part of it is in the design of the spine the the low back is like a lever and when you bend forward there’s a lot of forces across the back and that could be prone to injury that’s one of the reasons other other examples would be improper lifting people that are not conditioned or not exercising correctly they’re more prone to injury so some of those are the most common reasons to have back injuries. And doctor could we also add the fact that maybe we’re becoming a society that’s just maybe sitting too much and there’s not a lot of motion anymore and we’re gonna talk about that more but I just wanted to bring it up because I think that is really important. Right I’m gonna keep repeating that exercise is very important today and it’s really important to get at least 30 minutes of good activity about five days a week and that’s according to the American Heart Association but it also pertains to health for your spine And it’s not even just exercise I want to add I would think doctor it’s just the fact of just getting out there and doing things and being active and we’re seeing less and less of that in children in teens adults as opposed to even you know our grandparents who would probably be outside trimming the trees maybe even washing the cars we’re seeing less of that. I’m glad you brought that up because we are our children are coming home from school and staying inside and playing an electronic game they’re not exercising when we were kids we used to go out ride our bicycles for miles and miles and come home at dinnertime perhaps right but now kids are sitting on the sofa they’re not exercising that is a concern in society not only for back pain but for a childhood obesity and later onset diabetes so those are great points exercise is crucial to a healthy back and to healthy living.

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