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Conservative Treatments for Back Pain |

There is a contraindication after two day of rest if someone suffers from back pain. Dr. Georgiy Brusovanik, Spine Surgeon with Baptist Health South Florida, says physical therapy is the best for improving back pain and explains other treatments he tries with his patients.


So Dr. Bruce Evonik what are some of the conservative treatments we can do at home before maybe having to go see our doctor so it’s reasonable to rest for about a day two days there’s a contraindication to spend more than a couple days in bed because after a certain age even a couple of days in bed will result in bone loss so we need that gravity you can’t just stay in that nonsteroidals so aspirin advil ibuprofen they’re effective now not in my practice because by attend patients come to me they’ve tried all that right all that so I’ll be honest with you I’m not a big believer but my colleagues other orthopedic surgeons who are work with they say that it’s reasonable to try maybe a six week or a four week course of natural anti-inflammatories for muscular pain another thing that works real well is physical therapy but if there’s nerve pain pain going down the legs therapy may actually hurt when patients have nerve pain pain going down the legs what works steroids okay now I know steroid sounds scary we know a lot of side effects of steroids but I’m not talking about taking steroids for years and years I’m talking about a 6 day course that starts high and then tapers down now that’s super effective okay so as you mention that’s only for a limited amount of time 6 days okay and the risks are very low so that’s a good way to treat somebody who has a new onset sciatica back pain pain going down the legs rest physical therapy and steroids if the non-steroidal medications aspirin advil ibuprofen don’t work time 90% of problems involving the back just get better with time [Music]

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