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Dr. Karen Salazar-Valdes, Obstetrician and Gynecologist with Baptist Hospital of Miami, says there are some products that contain ammonia and formaldehyde but nowadays are more considered safe in pregnancy than in the past.

The expert affirms she doesn’t forbid her patients to dye their hair or paint their nails. “It’s safe and you should look pretty,” she says.


A couple of more funny myths that maybe are a little bit more common to our South Florida population can I dye my hair not me obviously but can a pregnant woman do hair dye nails all the lovely things that women do. So very interesting here in South Florida I get this question asked all the time and if you ask if you get a bunch of pregnant women and you ask them that same question and you’re probably asking yourself the same question you’re gonna say no of course not and when I ask people why they don’t know a lot of people say let’s wait to the end of the first trimester and the thought behind that is that it has products like ammonia and formaldehyde that can affect theoretically go through the skin and transfer into your peanuts you know but in reality most of dyes nowadays are very safe have very low amounts of ammonia and formaldehyde so it is considered safe in pregnancy it. As a general guideline do you try to at least maybe in the first 20 weeks in the first trimester to say. To be honest I tell my patients you are allowed to dye your hair too. And nails are okay too? Nails are good if you’re gonna be ultra conservative you can do like a balayage where basically the dye is in the bottom part or highlight. That’s fashion advice that I should not be giving I’m glad you’re here. But to be honest it’s pretty safe to me to be quite honest if people say you should wait to the first trimester because of the effect to the fetus what’s the difference when you’re 12 weeks pregnant and 14 weeks pregnant you’re still exposing so it’s safe dye your hair you should look pretty with the nails it’s the same thing there’s an idea or theory behind certain nail polishes have some type of toxic components but I want to say the most popular ones which are like OPI and as the those are pretty safe and are non-toxic.

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