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Delaying Aging Procedure, Health Channel

With the before and after picture of a 90-year-old lady, Dr. Jill Waibel, Dermatologist with Baptist Health South Florida explains studies show that when women and men do procedures for things like wrinkles, they do it to make themselves feel better.

The dermatologist also explains what IPL (Intense Pulse Light) is and how it can delay aging.


Delaying Aging Procedure, Health Channel

Let’s take another look at another procedure that this woman had tell me what we did here and I’m sure you remember her. Yeah I do so this is a lovely patient 90 years old came in and she said and I called her the day before the procedure was a Sunday and I said are you sure you want to do this I’d never done a 90 year old and I said you’re gonna look bad for a week she’s like it’s better than looking bad the rest of my life and we did one laser on her she had never had anything done and she was so excited and so when people ask can you be too young can you be too old the answer is no and the studies really show that when women and men do procedures for things like wrinkles they do it to make themselves feel better and again don’t forget this is I called exercise for your skin it makes your skin healthier it prevents skin cancer. And what was she looking for? She wanted to get rid of some of her wrinkles and what you couldn’t see in that picture is she had a lot of laxity on her eyelids and she called me that night just like I can see again because the laser gets rid of that hanging over. Oh fantastic all right we have aWnother one that we call the delay of aging look at the difference here what did you do here? This is actually a big one this is you can see in the corner Dr. Bitter did the study I was one of the blinded observers and without getting too bogged down in the study these patients all had one IPL energy-based an intense pulse light. And what is that it’s just a very simple we’ll call it a laser from its it’s got multiple wavelengths but the the big important part of this study was these patients had only had one IPL or two a year over a decade and this was a retrospective study meaning we looked back and what we found was we graded the patients the same age we said they didn’t age over time now what was even more important they had no Botox no filler no surgery so she went from 38 to 50 and her skin looks better at 58 one or two IPL’s a year he took this to Stanford and Stanford studied your RNA and DNA and they could actually prove that the RNA looked like a younger person’s so not only does the skin look better not only is the collagen better but your RNA and DNA is getting rejuvenated which has a lot of medical ramifications so it’s and I think most people don’t know this so they don’t they don’t and she just looked better ten years later simple procedure no downtime you go in you numb for ten minutes you do the procedure you’re a little red swollen you go to work. So let me circle that procedure for someone here yes very common device it’s just the science is very robust

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