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Dr. Ileana Perez-Quintairos, Dermatologist with Baptist Health South Florida, says skin is something we always want to improve and look our best, because that is how we present ourselves to the world.

She also explains the skin is a live biologic product and there is a lot that dermatologists can do to make us look good for those that are judging and hiring us.


As a dermatologist and you work on the skin that what is it about the just working on the skin that from that first moment that you were able to think about becoming a physician it made you think this is the most fascinating thing I want to work on well there’s absolutely so many different things especially nowadays that we can do with the skin and that’s how the world sees us they see our skin that’s how we present ourselves to the world so that’s um something we always want to improve and to look our best so that’s something that you have to teach people when you just said what there’s so many things we can do with our skin it would seem that too many people skins there it just happens it’s it’s no big deal but there are so many things that we not only can do but we need to do in order to protect the skin correct yes and it’s a live biologic product and there’s a lot that we can do to it to make it look better feel better and make us look good for for those that are that are looking at us judging us hiring us for jobs and we want to always put our best foot forward you

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