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What is needed to diagnose a tongue-tie? Dr. Leslie Haller, General Dentist with Tongue Tie South Florida, explains the importance of diagnosing tongue-tie when the baby is a newborn, and how they can diagnose it in a lactation consultant.


How this is something that you had mentioned before so many moms come in there feeling like it’s their fault I’m doing something wrong did you feel that Melissa with dr. Howell I explained did you feel I’m to blame this must be me so a hundred percent I felt that way and my son was in agony for three months and I has his mother I was to blame you know it was coming to the three point three month mark where I had to return to work and I was not I did not get any bonding time with my son and I had to return to work and I thought having a second child really messed up my family Wow dr. holler at what point should Melissa I mean at this point obviously she wasn’t aware but what would you start diagnosing or looking for a tongue-tie as an issue well as early as possible right actually in Brazil tongue ties are taken very seriously and are done immediately after birth if the child is born and they see a tongue tied they handle it right there in the hospital but in this country we tend to rely a lot on our lactation consultants who are more taught how to compensate for a tongue tie than actually fix the issue they are technically not allowed to diagnose and so they can refer to a pediatrician or they can refer to me to diagnose but they cannot say oh your child has a tongue time right they can say your child may have a tongue tie and so many times they don’t really know for sure and a lot of my favorite lactation consultants will say just go and see and my consults are free and if your baby doesn’t have a tongue tie I’m not gonna do one but at least if you’re having trouble with the baby popping off the breast sliding off falling asleep all these issues that’s when you either go to a lactation consultant or you go back to your pediatrician pediatricians are much more concerned as you say with are they gaining weight you know and that’s very important those are some but the breastfeeding part ever since we started having the baby bottles it’s kind of like we’ll just give them formula and they’ll be fine but now our expectations are a little different we want to breastfeed we understand there are many more benefits from breastfeeding the immuno logical system and the skin-to-skin you know don’t get me started you

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