Self-Advocate Leadership Training Program (SALT)

Student Emerging Leaders Program (SELP)

The University of Miami Mailman Center for Child Development offers innovative leadership training experiences for graduate students, community professionals, high school students, self-advocates with disabilities, and family members of people with disabilities. Every year nearly 100 trainees participate in experiential learning opportunities that focus on family-professional partnerships, cultural humility, policy, advocacy, and systems-level change to benefit children with disabilities and their families.

Leadership Programs:

Emerging Transformational Leadership Program (ETLP) The Emerging Transformational Leadership Program (ETLP) is a nine-month intensive leadership training program for early to mid-level professionals. The program provides participants with the knowledge, leadership skills, and attitude needed to become leaders and to improve systems of care for children with developmental disabilities in South Florida and beyond. To date, 40 ETLP alumni have changed positions or attained a promotion, 25 are currently serving on local boards, and eight are involved in national policy level initiatives.

Self-Advocate Leadership Training program (SALT) The Self-Advocate Leadership Skills Training program (Project SALT) teaches adults with disabilities leadership skills and strategies to advocate for themselves and others and participate in their communities in meaningful ways. Over 50 adults with disabilities have graduated from the program and many have gone on to become trainers themselves.

Student Emerging Leaders Program (SELP) The Student Emerging Leaders Program (SELP), implemented in 2018, is a three-month inclusive leadership training program for high school students who have the potential to learn to create system-level changes for people with disabilities. Program topics include leadership, inclusion/awareness, and exposure to health care professions. To date, four cohorts of 21 high school students have completed SELP. They include students with a disability, siblings, and students without a disability. Two graduates of the program were nominated for the Miami-Dade County Silver Knight Award.