Doctor Q & A

This brand new series premiering on May 3rd on the Health Channel, a division of AllHealthGo, offers YOU the opportunity to get in-depth answers to your health and wellness questions from a trusted source.

Your questions will be answered by prestigious health professionals during Doctor Q & A’s Facebook Live events @AllHealthGo every Tuesday afternoon and on the Health Channel’s broadcast of Doctor Q & A. In each episode, an expert from one of the nation’s top medical institutions will join host Olga Villaverde to address the questions that have been submitted, while offering additional places for viewers to access information and resources on the topics.

It is as simple as… Ask and Watch


On Health Channel’s Doctor Q & A every day at 7:30 AM, 1:00 PM, 7:00 PM

Tune in to hear valuable information regarding your health.


We want to hear from you! Health and wellness questions can be submitted in writing by filling out the form below and/or attaching your video question or registering for a Zoom recording. Please make sure to read the participation consent form and agree to the terms.

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