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Downsides of Breast Augmentation |

Dr. Daniel Calva, Plastic Surgeon at Baptist Health South Florida, explains there are complications that can happen from some implants, such as pain when the muscle is stretching; because of this, the nerves can be trapped; there is also animation, which means the implant moves as you are moving.

He also says there could be capsular contracture; it happens when the scar tissue around that implant becomes thicker and it starts to contract and it is very common; 30% of women that get implants can get it.


Some of the downsides have happened in the past with women who have had implants is it are we talking about things like pain are we talking about other conditions that they may experience from having these traditional procedures you know there’s there’s actually a slew of complications that can happen from some implants from simple stuff as pain as you’re mentioning because of the implant being put underneath the muscle so you’re moving the muscle you’re stretching the muscle that causes pain in this comfort the nerves can be trapped there’s also rippling so when the thin the implant puts pressure on that gland and your breasts claim actually become smaller and thinner so as soon you can start to visualize your implant that’s called rippling and you can see it another thing that a lot of women complain about is animation an animation means the implant moves as you’re moving your arms especially if you’re a fit woman and these women tend to be very very into their bodies and health-wise so they have really strong muscles so whenever they’re exercising or running they’re in a party and they’re moving their hands they can actually see their implants move back and forth there could be capsular contracture which is basically the scar tissue the forms around that implant becomes thicker and it starts to contract and that’s something your body sort of dictates your body is the one that’s attacking the Cape’s ones making it contracting we don’t really know why it happens but a fair number of women get it it’s been coded up to 30% of women that get implants can get it

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