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Eating Kale and Cauliflower |

Kale and cauliflower are food trends. Amy Kimberlain, Registered Dietitian with Baptist Health South Florida, explains why they are trends, their benefits and how you can cook them.


Now kale and cauliflower let’s talk about them because they were trending and are they still gonna be trending in 2019 are they become one of those quinoa and kind of trends I think kale has been trending and it’s like here to stay I have I was just in a grocery store last night and a lady interestingly enough was asking me about how to cook it and I was just like in awe that she didn’t know how to cook it my producer thought this was fake yes it does it’s kind of ready you know but when you think about it that’s the Lawson auto or the dinosaur kale when you look at it that’s the description of it Riley kale is kind of trending still with kale chips now in an air fryer right so it’s like it’s still staying around is it gonna stay that’s that trend that we talked about I think it’s here to stay I don’t think it’s going anywhere now we start to massage the olive oil into it to get make the leaves more tender so again we’re still talking about all these different ways to cook or prepare things and again it’s because people are wanting to eat it because they know these health benefits frights cauliflower started and originated I would say I don’t know for me it’s one of those things where I think it started with in the low carb trend and so now can I swap out and I have something like cauliflower rice right it’s not rice it’s just a method that they use the grater right shut it down to be an appearance wise like rice but it’s ricing the cauliflower and then can I take that and turn it into a crust or can I turn it into like a mashed potato but it’s really cauliflower mash and it comes in purple cauliflower as well and yellow which actually happened to be my favorite yeah I think I’m amazed by all the different colors and again that leads back to vitamins minerals and antioxidants right so again I think maybe that’s what will trend great Kathy all the colors let’s get rid of the white one let’s go purple can we talk about Jerry the break we said if cauliflower can be rice we can be anything we want you got it I think it’s this transformation and I always encourage parents kids adults to try vegetables these different ways Kathy because when you think about cauliflower how did it get to be so popular it’s actually kind of bland it’s how you cook it and now it’s how you in you know now visually show it to kids and give it to them and offer it to them and so they may like it in a different form and I think that’s important right absolutely yes they’re here to stay I just don’t know which one’s next you

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