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According to Dr. Carlos Wolf, Plastic Surgeon with Baptist Health South Florida, a lot of things have changed about plastic surgery such as patients’ expectations, patient education and the type of look people want.
He considers nowadays patients are educated in any medical field, including plastic surgery.
The specialist says the most important part in his practice is to be really transparent with his patients.


What’s different today than it was I mean obviously there’s gotta be so much different from what right but what if you were to to look at the one thing that really has changed from then to now what would you say okay so a lot of the things have changed is patients expectations patients education and the type of look that people want I mean that’s a broad but you know the expectations is that patients when I first started here in Miami that was in 1988 people wanted to look like they had nose job they want to look like they had their facelift because most people at that time you know the people that were having plastic surgery was a very expensive proposition so people wanted to know that you could afford it to me when I first came and I saw this it used to torture me I’d go to the Jackie Gleason theatre and we’re dating ourselves I’m sure and so I would go watch this show but I’d see these people and I and I just couldn’t believe that people actually liked to look that way and as so I recognized that that was not the style of what I was going to do you know the the education patients are no longer in the dark I think they’re now no longer in the dark in any in any medical field you know I I always ask them okay what did dr. Google tell you so when someone comes in and they start asking me questions I think one of the things you have to be is really transparent and if a doctor I always tell my patients if if a doctor isn’t telling you what you want there’s so much choice but you can look it up on the Internet although the Internet has some good and some bad because there’s a lot of fraudsters out there on the Internet so the education of the patient they’re more sophisticated in what they want how they want it you know one of the key things that I’ve always done and I worry about is that patients think they know more they know then they actually know because now they’ve read it on the internet so it’s got to be true so I don’t let patients dictate the technique I use if I did I let them dictate what they ultimately want but they have to allow freedom for the doctor whoever you know whoever doctor you choose to do it you

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