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Meet the Experts

Meet the Experts

In partnership with Baptist Health South Florida, the Health Channel, features medical specialists who discuss important health issues and answer live audience questions. Meet some of our contributors:

Dr. Geoffrey Young

A pigmented lesion is shown in a digital imaging while Dr. Geoffrey Young, Chief of Head & Neck Surgery at Miami Cancer Institute explains that Melanoma is changing pigmented lesion and when it has any change it should be biopsied. He also says that people with other cancer melanomas or strong family histories may need […]

Mia Zambarano

Mental Health Therapist & Performance Consultant Mia Zambarano is an award-winning, licensed mental health therapist who has committed her life’s work to support people experiencing intense pressure and high expectations to overcome anxiety and optimize their performance. As a former Division 1 college athlete, entrepreneur, and mother, she is no stranger to navigating pressure and […]

Dr. Mario Zambrano

Dr. Mario Zambrano, Pediatric Emergency Medicine Physician with Homestead Hospital, says you shouldn’t listen to your neighbor, or to the pharmacist or the chiropractor about vaccines. “Listen to your physician if you trust your physician, go to reputable websites like to, which has the latest and the greatest information on vaccines or diseases.” The […]

Vickie Zamora

Lead Occupational Therapist with Carpe Diem Academy

Dr. Fernando de Zarraga

Helicobacter pylori, age and overweight can cause stomach cancer. Dr. Fernando de Zarraga, Medical Oncologist with Miami Cancer Institute, talks about other risk factors and gives recommendations to prevent the disease. How a surgical oncologist and a medical oncologist can work together to give the best cancer treatment possible for a patient? Dr. Fernando de […]

Dr. Michael Zinner

CEO & Executive Medical Dir., Miami Cancer Institute Michael Zinner, M.D., is a world-renowned cancer surgeon and researcher. He was named founding CEO and executive medical director of Miami Cancer Institute at Baptist Health South Florida in October of 2015. An expert in pancreatic-hepatobiliary diseases, Dr. Zinner joined Miami Cancer Institute from Dana-Farber/Brigham and Women’s […]

Dr. Alex Zuriarrain

Plastic Surgeon with Baptist Health South Florida

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