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Fat Grafting is a type of breast augmentation procedure. Dr. Rafael Gottenger, Plastic Surgeon with Baptist Health South Florida, talks about it, and how he uses it for breast reconstruction.


Another breast augmentation procedure is fat grafting so I’ve been hearing this term so can you tell us how that works and what it is so they’re physicians that promote the use of fat grafting completely for breast augmentation it’s still not very popular there some physician many who do that I don’t do it as for breast augmentation okay I do a lot of uh grafting for breast reconstruction so basically what you’re doing is you liposuction some fat from your body somewhere in your body you cross through the fat and then you inject the fat and small aliquot so it can be inserted in places where you have blood flow because as a graft the fat needs to survive right so when you put the file inside tracks that you create that there are vessels that will nourish the graph and survive if not the father is going to die so you know that you can just put the fat right you’re just not feeling the brunt of fat so you have to do layers sometimes you can do so much for the first time to get a smaller mentation and then you have to come back for different procedure and put some more fat it’s not you can go off from a a cup to a C cup pick up on one time because it’s very hard for the fat to survive so you have to do some time ago to say use right if it’s not a lot you might be able to do in one time but if no you have to do multiple procedures so you say this is very common for reconstruction yes and and obviously not so much more than anything for when you do our construction and you have some defects like in the upper pole of the breast you see a dent or something right you can put some fat because another huge amount smooth just move the shape or if you have so many varieties you can do that also to pull the fat to to fill in some spaces I need to get a more rounded natural shape you

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