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The postpartum visit is important to evaluate the recovery process of the mom, to check if she is through postpartum depression, and discuss about birth control. Dr. Alberto Sirven, Medical Director of the West Kendall OB/GYN Program and Women and Infant Credentials Committee Chairman with West Kendall Baptist Hospital, talks about when women can do vigorous exercises after delivery and when they are ready for intercourse.


the second postpartum checkup well I it depends on every physician has a usually they come for six weeks and has been shown now that you don’t have to have a set standard as far as I said day for postpartum visit and a vaginal delivery or the c-section it’s really when the patients feel comfortable as long as they come into the office there’s certain things that you want to discuss at that time usually they discuss to see how things are going but especially you want to find out whether there are any signs of symptom of postpartum depression so I think that if you have that between four to six weeks you’ll be able to catch that and also then discuss possible method of birth control or aerial conditions that I think it’s important and very important to have that postpartum visit and you mentioned birth control women are really fertile after they give birth down there I think well we’re gonna for overall well you have to understand that it’s difficult to know exactly what your relations going to happen because remember that you just deliver it and we don’t know exactly what no relations gonna happen so a lot of times patients tend to be furrow without knowing exactly when they are it’s not a way that you could plan as is in the 14 15 days right after your cycle so that’s definitely a condition but you have to understand that when you’re breastfeeding less likely you’re gonna be ovulating so you’re gonna be less likely to be fertile after that and then of course there’s a huge question when kind of having to course right at the delivery and I think it’s so important depending on what type of delivery you have had and whether or not you had an episiotomy in other words dishes or so on there’s not a really a particular time in which you should or should not have intercourse but I think it should be when you start feeling comfortable and and you make sure that you didn’t have you know a laceration or something that could somehow be damaged right after intercourse couple quick questions out when is a woman clear to do vigorous exercises after natural birth well I think in general what she described earlier right after third week I think this will be ideal I mean and as far as vigorous exercises it has to do with your level training okay if you weren’t exercising ever before and you just gave birth don’t expect to do vigorous exercises right three weeks after you delivery I think that you have to get into are in shape in order to make sure that you are able to do it you.

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