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GoCare™ Plan
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
September 2021

Q. What is AllHealthGo?
A. AllHealthGo is a South Florida PBS brand that provides content and services to
help people have a healthier and happier life.

Q. What is the GoCare™ Plan?
A. The GoCare™ Plan is a premium subscription offering that provides
access to a number of world-class digital healthcare services.

Q. What are the GoCare™ Plan services?
A. The GoCare™ Plan includes Primary Care consultations via telemedicine, telepsychology support and the opportunity to ask questions in writing to medical specialists. It also offers a suite of management tools that can help you navigate the complexities of the healthcare system and have more control over your medical bills and overall healthcare costs.

  1. Primary Care Consultations allow you to meet with a physician via video call, without the need for an appointment. The physician can address concerns and in many cases prescribe treatments for common, non-life-threatening issues. Consultations via Telemedicine can provide quick attention and resolve many common issues and concerns.
  2. Telepsychology provides access to licensed mental health professionals who can provide support, through video calls or phone, when you need immediate guidance to address any urgent emotional concerns. Telepsychology can provide relief in moments of crisis and help detect potential problems.
  3. Ask a Specialist provides access to specialists in 10 different areas of expertise who can provide their opinion about a specific concern. This service is targeted to patients who need to make decisions between different options or to gain peace of mind that a diagnosis and/or treatment is going in the right direction.
  4. Patient advocates navigate a complex and confusing healthcare system, providing support from a professional that understands how the system works and can identify providers, help secure appointments, request referrals, obtain copies of medical records and remove administrative obstacles can be really useful and stress relieving.
  5. Medical Bill Negotiations: Many patients find themselves having to deal with surprise charges, invoices from out-of-network providers, unexpected expenses derived from medical complications, and even administrative errors. Medical bill negotiations provide access to a professional negotiator who understands where there is room to request discounts, extend payment terms, and resolve billing problems helping you save money.
  6. Healthcare Discounts provides pre negotiated discounts on a number of medical, dental, vision, laboratories, radiology and pharmacy services.
  7. The Wellness Resources and Content Library is a suite of digital tools including health calculators as well as articles and videos with exercises and other useful advice.

Q. Is the GoCare™ Plan an insurance service?
A. No, the GoCare™ Plan is not an insurance service. It is a premium
subscription offering that provides access to a number of world-class digital healthcare services.

Q. How much does the GoCare™ Plan cost?
A. The GoCare™ Plan is a premium subscription that does not require long
term contracts and can cost as little as $0.55 Cents a day when paid annually. It can be paid on a month to month basis for only $19.99 or can be also bought, with a large discount, for six months or a year.

Q. How do I buy the GoCare™ Plan?
A. It is very easy to buy GoCare™ Plan online at GoCare.TV