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Dr. Jeffrey Epstein, Facial Plastic Surgeon with Baptist Health South Florida, shows the case of a woman who underwent surgical hairline lowering or forehead reduction. He says this procedure takes 90 minutes, it is done under local sedation, and the next day patients are presentable with lower hairline.

He also shows a reparative procedure in a man that had a limited supply of donor hairs. Epstein highlights he didn’t just use scalp hair, but also some hairs from his beard to restore better the hair density.


Let’s look at some before-and-afters which I love because they kind of really show you what’s going on so we have a picture I believe of a woman who oh wow this is a woman who underwent surgical hairline lowering her forehead reduction surgery it’s a single-stage procedure that’s her one week postoperatively the stitches this sutures have been removed and we’ve been able to shorten her forehead by over an inch look at the difference there had it and you know what emotionally how do they feel oh these patients are amongst my happiest this is my favorite procedure performed too because it’s it takes literally 90 minutes it’s done under usually Twilight sedation or IV sedation but patients leave and the very next day they’re presentable with the lower hairline is pretty dramatic not all patients are candidates for it and occasionally men are but for the most part it’s not it’s not the most common procedure but it’s one of my favorites that’s why I had you show it first I love hearing that that’s fantastic thank you for sharing that we have one more of a gentleman I believe and I think this one’s pretty dramatic as well yeah actually this is a great example of a before-and-after showing how a natural a hair transplant this is a reparative procedure so you see before some of the tell-tale signs the plug grafts along the hairline the the bridging or the scarring along and then I was able to do a repair procedure in the picture on the right and in his case because he had a limited supply of donor hairs I used of a scalp I didn’t just use scalp hairs but I also took some hairs from his beard and used that to help restore some better density up here but that’s a reparative procedure and how natural a hair transplant can look I think it’s a nice illustration can we talk a little bit about lasers sure and how they work sure laser light therapy is uh it’s been around for like 10 12 years they’re now portable home use devices so P individuals can buy them they’re heavily marketed and there are some that that are sold only through physicians offices but they you utilize laser light energy in the form of a cap so you get like 250 lasers and the lasers have been found to stimulate regrowth of hair and by increasing blood flow and increasing the cellular energy level activity of the hair follicles it works in around 50 to 60 percent of patients to stop hair loss from getting worse and both men and women and in around 30 to 40-percent it actually can make hair somewhat thicker it’s not a it’s not a dramatic it’s not a you know wonder treatment but it can be effective and and and as long as you continue to use it you

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