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Jacquelyn Garcia, Lactation Nurse with the Center for Women and Infants at South Miami Hospital, says breastfeeding helps the baby with respiratory infections, ear infections, and diarrhea.

She also says breastfeeding can help the mother to burn off some baby weight, because the body works very hard in order to produce milk. She also recommends breast feeding for at least six months, but the ideal time is a year.


Let’s talk about some health benefits when it comes to breastfeeding what are they you will for the mother of the baby for well let’s say both why not well we’re gonna talk more in depth about it but let’s say let’s start with the baby okay so with the baby the breast milk helps them with respiratory infections ear infections and also with bouts of diarrhea which you know it cold sore throat their lungs and you know their stomachs okay we have some up myths or facts that I love always sharing with our viewers this is a very common one so you could tell me if it’s true or false breastfeeding can help you burn off some of that baby weight that is true that is so true that’s some not a myth that’s actually very true because our body works very hard in order to produce milk now how long should a mother breastfeed her child what do you think is the typical well recommended is a minimum of six months but ideally you should want to do it for a year and how important is that initial contact would you say with the babies were important because the moment they come out they’re kind of detached from their home so it kind of stabilizes their vital signs and it helps with bonding and it also helps with your milk production and of course breastfeeding so when the baby is born is that protection already happening immediately do you have to wait a few days I mean I kind of remember I have great stories about how big I was but do you have to wait a few days or is that kind of like an instant well the production is the first three days and then as long as you’re continually putting the baby on the breast and stimulating yourself then your milk should come in by three to five days depending on whether you had a vaginal or a c-section all right and we talked a little bit about certain illnesses that are prevented if you will when you breastfeed a lot has to do with that GI tract of the baby right right yeah Casella colostrum has a lot of immunoglobulins and antibodies a help them against infections all right when does the colostrum just start immediately like as soon as you give birth well there’s some moms that actually started lactating like the month before and they tell me that they’ve had milk coming I’d really she’s are very annoyed about it but I mean it’s so awesome to hear that cuz that means they’re gonna do great so literally a month before they’re already like leaking I mean they’re not like full-on you know breast milk but you know they’re still waking up a little drip you.

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