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Are hernias more prevalent in men than women? Dr. Jerrold Young, General Surgeon with Hernia Institute of Florida, explains why it is more common to see hernias in men and what type of hernia is more usual in them.


When in are they more prevalent in men or women hernias well there it’s more common to see men develop inguinal hernias because it’s in that location where an opening occurs in the muscle that allows the testicles to protrude and come out into the scrotum and those muscles don’t close completely and so what happens there’s a relative or soft area or weakness which can result in somebody getting a hernia women actually get more umbilical hernias particularly after pregnancies when their abdomen is swollen and there’s another type of hernia called a femoral hernia which is actually in the groin area which is a little more common in women than in men as incisional hernia ZAR probably more common in men but overall the numbers are much greater in men one in four men in the United States one in four men will develop a hernia in a course of a lifetime so it’s very common you

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