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How Much Calcium is Good Calcium? |

How Much Calcium is Good Calcium?, Health Channel

The natural calcium, that can be obtained from meals, is the most important contribution to prevent osteoporosis, explains Dr. Deepa Sharma, Family Medicine Physician with Baptist Health Primary Care.

“Your body does prefer the natural foods and then to supplement with you may be missing,” she says.


How Much Calcium is Good Calcium?, Health Channel

So, we know how important calcium is so how much and do we need? A lot of people always want to know that because they’ll say well ‘I’m taking a multivitamin, is that enough?’ well we’re gonna look at a graphic and have the doctor weigh in on this so, doctor, walked me through this and tell me what it means. >So generally calcium we use age and gender so in women who are under 50 about a thousand milligrams daily over 51 and women about 1200 milligrams daily and men over 70 1000 milligrams daily, I’m sorry, under 70 and over 70 is 1200 milligrams daily and these are rough approximations a lot of times physicians will say up to 1,500 milligrams daily is fine to supplement but what’s important here is to have an idea of how much calcium you’re getting naturally in your diet your body does prefer the natural foods and then to supplement with what you may be missing so those numbers may be different for different people if your diet is rich in foods that have calcium you may not need as much of a supplement and if your diet is poor in the amount of calcium you get you may need more of the supplement. >All right I’m gonna ask my director Ed to bring that graphic back because I noticed something alarm alarm and I find it to be fascinating so not much of a difference in the calcium intake for men and women but yikes look at the age difference how unfair is that? >Yeah, that’s right yeah and that goes back to what we were saying earlier that men do you have higher bone density and they don’t have menopause and so for them there is a delay in the amount of time of calcium that they need compared with women. >I always used to laugh when my mom used to say in my next lifetime I’m gonna be a man and somehow I understand a little more.

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