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An inguinal hernia occurs in the groin area. Dr. Jerrold Young, General Surgeon with Hernia Institute of Florida, explains what happens in the body when an inguinal hernia occurs, and what happens with the intestine and the blood supply in the abdomen.


Now we’ve been talking about hernias and what causes them but how do you know if you have one so let’s take a look at an inguinal hernia dr. young what is happening here with this image that we see specifically the area that you see in the small and circled area is an enlargement of what’s happening inside so if you look at that picture on the bottom you see that there’s an area where the intestine which is red in color right actually is looks a little darker and this is a picture of a piece of intestine that has come out through the opening or through the hernia if you look at the circular enlarged area there are two pieces of what is depicted as muscle in a vertical direction and there’s an opening or a gap between these two pieces people pieces of muscle which is abnormal and through that opening a piece of intestine has come out because the intestine is in an area where there’s pressure and the opening is small the blood supply that goes into that intestine is limited particularly the blood returning back to the abdomen and so basically what you’re dealing with is an area an area of intestine that is becoming strangulated which essentially is cutting off the blood supply you

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