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Learning about Erectile Dysfunction |

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a disease that can occur at any age. Also it’s a condition that affects each man differently.

Dr. Daniel Martinez, Urologist with Baptist Health South Florida, considers once the erectile dysfunction begins to cause an issue within the patient’s personal life, and is causing a lot of distress, it is the ideal moment to see a physician.

Erectile dysfunction can be a sign underlying other medical conditions such as hypertension, high blood pressure, hypercholesterolemia, high cholesterol, diabetes, among others, he says.


Erectile dysfunction is is incredibly common but men fail to kind of learn about it, what do they need to know? > Well first of all erectile dysfunction is disease of that she knows no age limits will say — okay — You can have an 18 year old man who is with his girlfriend or partner and suddenly realizes that his erection is not as rigid or he’s not able to achieve an erection. You can also have a 90 something year-old man who’s trying to have intercourse and the same thing happens or he’s unable to obtain and/or achieve an erection that’s rigid enough or sustainable enough. That is the definition first and foremost but it knows no age limits so we really could have at any point in anybody’s life, so when is it an issue you know if it happens once or twice or I mean when is it you know I need to see a doctor. > It really comes down to the person individual but once it begins to cause an issue within their personal life if it’s causing a lot of distress that’s when it really is the ideal moment to go and see a physician. > All right as we were saying if you have trouble with Edie every once in a while it’s probably nothing to worry about but if it happens frequently or on a regular basis it could be a sign of other health problems is that is that right? > That’s correct like I tell everybody because let’s face it as men we are very bad at going and seeing our doctors and so most the times they won’t go see their dentist they won’t go get their colonoscopies but the moment they start to have difficulty in the bedroom they’ll go seek help so… — good for you — that’s right their priorities I guess yes and so I try to use my erectile dysfunction as a gateway into a man’s health because most the times when they come see me they probably also have some under-under other underlying medical conditions, hypertension, or high blood pressure, hypercholesterolemia, high cholesterol, B City, diabetes, etcetera etcetera and so I encourage them at that moment to try and seek other medical specialties whether it be the primary care so the gastroenterologist to make sure that their overall health is okay and it’s a it’s great to use this as a goal you say hey you want to get you want to have a better erection where you got to get healthier — right — you’d be amazed how many people will. ED is really can be kind of a side effect of a different issue a different problem. > Absolutely it’s multifactorial okay so there’s not just one thing that can cause a erectal disfuntion.

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