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Port wine stain is a spontaneous genetic mutation, explains Dr. Jill Waibel, Dermatologist with Baptist Health South Florida.

She says at birth, parents are afraid of the birthmark on the baby’s face, but she explains the treatment. “Statistics are staggering if you treat the patient within the first three months of life, you get an 80 % chance of a 100 % clearing.”


The port wine stain let’s take a look at that that’s a little bit more aggressive on the face tell me how this happens and how you take care of it. This is a much bigger deal and so we recently in the New England Journal of Medicine about two years ago they published a theory that this is a genetic mutation a deletion it’s spontaneous so the body thinks that there should be blood vessels here now you can see in the corner it says laser on the way home from the hospital for best results and this is something most parents and often other doctors may not know what happens is when babies are born with these birthmarks you see them at birth they come right out of the chute with it and their skin is very thin at this age and they also have what we call fetal oxyhemoglobin and that is very responsive to laser therapy so the statistics are staggering if you treat the patient within the first three months of life you get like an eighty percent chance of a hundred percent clearing if you wait more than three months your your chance of clearing it goes down dramatically and rapidly so you really want to get these kiddos to the to the laser quickly. Have you had families that come a little bit too late? We have it’s a hard conversation now you can still help and treat the patients but the sooner you get these babies the better so that’s one of my roles at Baptist is when I go to the NICU and I see one of these babies as I tell the parents love to see you soon. And how do the parents react when you are successful in removing you just said it I mean almost 100% that’s amazing. It’s a big deal because you can’t love anything more than your kids and especially for your first time parents and when it’s on the face people ask you in the grocery did someone beat your baby and really terrible things I’ve given away cards in the past it’s a like my baby has a birthmark just because people can be cruel and you know you want all those pictures the great thing is the baby will never know they won’t remember you have no memories there’s no pain so someday when they’re teenagers the mom and dad will say remember we got laser. And that’s fantastic .

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