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Lifestyle Risk Factors for Heart Disease in Women |

Smoking, obesity, sedentary lifestyle, diabetes, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure are the lifestyle risk factors for heart disease in women. Ann DeVelasco, Registered Nurse with Miami Cardiac and Vascular Institute, says those risk factors can be treated, controlled, or eliminated. She explains nobody should smoke in this day and age.

Dr. Alvaro Gomez, Cardiologist with Miami Cardiac and Vascular Institute, says there are rare forms of heart disease that can occur at the time of labor because of the effort of the process.


All right so let’s look at risk factors now that are related to our lifestyle and these are factors that we can change so and let’s chime in on these risk factors are high blood pressure yes and when we talk with the women we always go over their risk factors because a lot of people may be very intelligent in many parts of their life but when it comes to their heart intelligence it’s not quite as common so we know that that high blood pressure high cholesterol diabetes obesity obviously smoking and a sedentary lifestyle are all risk factors and if you look at them they can all be treated or control exactly eliminate eliminate which is the smoking well nobody should smoked in this day and age that’s the first thing that we always get right off the table and talk about awareness there and they’re still doing it they are but I mean they’ve come so far in their campaign that that’s gives us a whole lot of hope and courage because we believe in awareness but we also believe in education which is part of the awareness and advocacy which is why we believe in clinical trials and lobbying on Capitol Hill so that women can be part of clinical trials as well speaking of children doctor I wanted to ask you since we are talking about women regarding pregnancy are there heart problems that can arise during pregnancy well there are heart problems are also risk factors that can arise with pregnancy no hypertension questions can be provoked by pregnancy and sometimes most most of the time it goes away after pregnancy is finished for the patient delivers a baby or it can stay sometimes and patients can become permanently hypertensive diabetes is also a problem during pregnancy or can be a problem during pregnancy and those are risk factors need to be watch over and now there are rare forms of heart disease that can occur at the time of labor and delivery where a patient no women can have dissection of the coronary arteries because of now the effort of the labor process but those are thankfully are rarer forms but they’re becoming actually more and more recognized in terms of heart disease in younger women and it can it can happen even without a pregnancy can happen during any other particular effort that women can have a dissection of the corner you

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