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Dr. Alberto Sirven, Medical Director of the West Kendall OB/GYN Program and Women and Infant Credentials Committee Chairman with West Kendall Baptist Hospital, explains D&C (Dilation and Curettage) procedure is to remove the products of conception after a miscarriage.

He says if you have a miscarriage after 13-14 weeks of gestation, it is called a D&E. He points out it is a very simple procedure, especially when you have seven or eight weeks of gestation, and doctors can do it with ultrasound guidance.


Now doctor when someone has a miscarriage a little bit later on in pregnancy there’s something called a DNC can you talk to us about what that is and why it’s performed a DNC there’s two there’s two type of the NCDC stands for dilatation and curettage and basically is to remove the products of conception after you have had a miscarriage there’s two types of DNC or there’s one type of DNC the other one is the DNA after 13 14 weeks of gestation if you have a miscarriage is called a D&E and the second trimester dilatation of equation as far as first trimester because dilatation and curettage this is a very simple procedure especially when you’ll have seven or eight weeks of gestation it could be done commonly in the doctor’s office under the right settings in which you remove the process of conception nowadays we tend to do them all on their ultrasound guidance to make sure you don’t perforate your gonna do any damage to it and it helps significant years ago we used to scrape so the reason why I was called curettage is because we use this thing called a curette that will pass through the uterus and we’ll scrape the fundus of the uterus in order to remove the producer conception with technology nowadays we could do it on the ultrasound guidance and I realized that there is a lot chance of bleeding and at last less chance of something called a shimon syndrome which is deceased that was caused by getting too hard on the endometrial cavity now when you’re able to do this procedure on the ultrasound guidance we were able to remove the production conception without damage to endometrial lining you.

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