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Menstrual Cycle: Warning Signs |

Dr. Debra Kenward, Obstetrician and Gynecologist with Baptist Health South Florida, talks about signs of period problems. She says signs can vary in each woman. The most important thing is to be aware of any change and if it is persistent.
Regarding cramps, the expert explains nowadays most people should be relieved by medication such as Advil, Motrin or Tylenol.
The doctor also affirms extreme stress, such as loss of a parent, parents are going through divorce, trouble in school and bullying, could stop periods.


We have a graphic here of some other sites to look out for them may be a sign of period problems now doctor will you walk us through these you have to ask yourself how painful are your cramps cramps are inevitable when you have your period but how how painful is that that’s an indicator correct right and some people it can vary just like all things can be interrelated to the individual but if you have a change in your cramp cycle it’d be important to let us know to make sure nothing new is going on creating the change and hopefully most people should be relieved by an Advil or motrin or Tylenol some you know there’s a popular drug it’s been around forever called my toe my toe actually is just Tylenol caffeine and an antihistamine they say that caffeine helps with the water retention bloating gives you a little energy the tylenol obviously a painkiller and it has to me and they say helps with bloating so yes I’m not sure why it works so well I think the anti prostaglandins like they leave the Advil might be better but if you’re certainly someone who can’t take those medications that I would say try the might all one of the questions up there which is stress and stress again it’s something that I feel like every American lives with so in this case how does stress affect your period it can change usually the younger you are the more your brain will accommodate stress as far as the hormones go and we see as you get older your it may affect your menstrual cycles more as far as irregularities right but extreme stress you know loss of a parent parents going through divorce trouble in school bullying some of the things we see could stop periods and a lot of times we see people just stop having fear you.

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