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Misconceptions about Cholesterol |

Misconceptions about Cholesterol, Health Channel

Dr. Ted Feldman, Medical Director of Prevention and Community Health with Miami Cardiac & Vascular Institute, says having a healthy lifestyle is better than not having it, because it impacts patient’s medical dashboard if he is in a higher risk group.

The specialist also talks about Omega 3. He says in case of fish oils it is very important to consume them from natural sources.
He recommends getting Omega 3 from fresh fish, rather than trying to get it from supplement.


Misconceptions about Cholesterol, Health Channel

Now if you are an average weight that does not mean that you are never gonna have a cholesterol issue you’re never gonna have a heart disease I think that’s a very big misconception. > There are plenty of people who have diabetes, who have high blood pressure, and who have high cholesterol, who are normal weight as well as there are many people who are obese who have normal blood pressure, normal blood sugar, normal cholesterol, having said that the the greater your weight the more likely you are to have high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and diabetes, or heart disease, but it’s not in absolute within any given category. So if you are of normal body weight it doesn’t mean that you don’t need to know what your medical dashboard is and if you are of excess weight doesn’t necessarily mean that you are predestined or predetermined to develop diabetes heart disease high blood pressure, high cholesterol, you need to know each of those seven factors regardless of what your waiter is and if you are overweight or obese or a smoker it even becomes more important that you know what your medical dashboard is because if you more favourably impact your medical dashboard if you’re in a higher risk lifestyle group the greater the benefit you’ll get by making your medical dashboard better. > Now we hear a lot about omega-3 and how important that is for a diet talked to us about the importance of omega-3. > You know Omega threes which are you know fish oils are very important if we can consume them from natural sources. Eating them from supplements are probably not as beneficial as eating them from fresh and natural sources. So you know we find that in a lot of circumstances that when we put things inside a pill form it’s not as beneficial to the body as when we eat them from natural sources and the other thing that we need to be careful of is omega-3s seem to be beneficial to the body in small small doses, but depending upon what preparation you’re having over the counter they can have omega sixes which are not as beneficial. So, you know, I would say get your omega-3 mega threes from fresh fish rather then trying to get it from supplement.


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