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Coronavirus Update | Warnings About Taking Medicines to Prevent Coronavirus

While clinical trials around the world are in progress to test drugs and potential vaccines against COVID-19, there have been reports of healthcare workers taking anti-inflammatory drugs like hydroxychloroquine without ...
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Coronavirus Update | Reevaluating Priorities

While shelter-at-home policies have severely disrupted life as we know it for many people, it has offered some the opportunity to take the time to evaluate their priorities and really ...
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Coronavirus Update | Is the Coronavirus Crisis Stressing Out Your Pet?

Forgotten among all the crises caused by the coronavirus pandemic may be the family pets. As with humans, some pets may find the drastic changes to their environments disturbing and ...
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Coronavirus Update | Covid Toes: A New Symptom?

Observations from other coronavirus hotspots around the world have led medical professionals to identify a possible new indicator of coronavirus: so-called “covid toes.” Coronavirus patients have reported red swollen areas ...
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Coronavirus Update | Healthcare Workers and the Coronavirus

Research shows that Healthcare workers make up 10- to-20 percent of those infected with coronavirus. Across the country, people are showing their appreciation for healthcare workers who are on the ...
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Coronavirus Update | Can Pets Help Children Cope with Coronavirus Anxiety?

Many children are very anxious and fearful that they or a loved one will become sick from the coronavirus. Research shows that dogs can help ease anxiety in children. ************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** ...
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Coronavirus Update | Safe Medications for Back Pain

Elective surgery has been postponed as hospital workers concentrate on the Coronavirus and other emergencies. Back pain expert talks about medications he uses to tide his patients over until they ...
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Coronavirus Update | Safely Starting to Exercise

As people try to get some exercise during lockdown, some may be pushing too hard and getting injured. A foot and ankle specialist talks about some of the injuries she’s ...
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