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Coronavirus Update | Keeping the Kids Involved at Home

Staying connected with friends, relatives and neighbors can help build a sense of community. Keeping the kids involved in chores at home can help them feel less anxious. ************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** SUBSCRIBE ...
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Coronavirus Update | Florida Blue CEO answers questions (FULL INTERVIEW)

Florida Blue CEO, Patrick Geraghty speaks exclusively to the SmartLife about Coronavirus & Health Insurance. Watch this interview and other informative health related programs on the Health Channel. ************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** SUBSCRIBE ...
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Coronavirus Update | Staying Active While Staying Safe

Physical activity is an important part of a healthy lifestyle even when staying home. An expert highlights ways to get that physical activity but still stay safe at home. ************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** ...
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Coronavirus Update | Testing Tools

There are many different tests for the Coronavirus on the market. Some search for COVID-19 antibodies in the blood stream and others search for the virus’ genetic signature in a ...
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Coronavirus Update | Safe Grocery Shopping

Grocery shopping is necessary. In this age of social distancing, we present several tips to stay safe. ************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCX9O7iJumYyptL89Vx8LR-w . . Follow us on social ...
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Coronavirus Update | Chinese Medicine Tea

While there is no evidence Herbal Chinese Medicine Teas can cure or help the symptoms of the coronavirus, people in China use these herbs and teas every day to help ...
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Coronavirus Update | An Old Treatment Makes a Comeback

A form of treatment using convalescent blood plasma can be used to help those infected by COVID-19. An expert explains how blood donations from those who have recovered from the ...
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Coronavirus Update | Finding Ways to Cope with Coronavirus Stress

A deadly virus, a world-wide financial crisis, and a serious disruption of everyday life are all causing a tremendous amount of turmoil. The experts say now is the time to ...
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