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Coronavirus Update | Florida Blue CEO Answers Questions

Florida Blue CEO, Patrick Geraghty speaks exclusively to the Health Channel about Coronavirus & Health Insurance. Watch his full interview on the Health Channel’s flagship show, SmartLife. ************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** SUBSCRIBE to ...
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Coronavirus Update | Coronavirus & the Heart

While the coronavirus is most often associated with lung disease it appears to be a real problem for patients with heart disease. Cardiologists say it can cause a heart attack ...
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Coronavirus Update | How People in China Fight Back Against the Coronavirus

Washing shoes, wearing masks and taking off clothes before coming in the house are some of the ways people in China are fighting back against the coronavirus. ************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** SUBSCRIBE to ...
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Coronavirus Update | How Coronavirus Treatments Work

Now that they know more about how the coronavirus works in the body, researchers all over the world are experimenting with medications and other therapies looking for ways to treat ...
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Coronavirus Update | Is Telemedicine Here to Stay?

Telemedicine has become the primary care people get health care during the Coronavirus crisis – unless they require hospitalization. Once the crisis ends telemedicine may continue to be very popular ...
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Coronavirus Update | How to Avoid Stress Eating

During this stressful time, many might turn to food for comfort. Over-eating becomes tempting when isolated at home and surrounded by snacks. A nutritionist explains a simple method to avoid ...
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Coronavirus Update | Asthma & the Coronavirus

People with asthma are at higher risk for complications from the coronavirus We highlights what people with asthma can do to protect themselves. ************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube channel: ...
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Coronavirus Update | Making Face Coverings at Home

Calls to suicide hotlines have spiked during this coronavirus crisis as feelings of isolation and fears about the economy increase. We highlight ways to help people cope. ************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** SUBSCRIBE to ...
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