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Dr. Javier Perez-Fernandez, Critical Care and Pulmonary Medicine Physician with Baptist Hospital and West Kendall Baptist Hospital, points out there is replacement therapy and then there are commercial things that are on the market. “Replacement therapy stands for an adequate dosage of nicotine that is given to people to help them quit smoking.”

He highlights nicotine is a strong and potent drug that produces addiction, so the therapy takes places in a controlled environment with a thoughtful process.


Let’s talk about the nicotine the those treatment, the replacement, replacement patches, how does that work?.> Very important and you mentioned two things here there’s replacement therapy, and there is then all these commercial things that are now on the market, replacement therapy stands for an adequate dosage of nicotine that is given to people to quit smoking to help and quick the smoking, it’s a pharmacologic treatment, and we use that health care professionals and that’s different because that’s regulated, that’s measured, that’s thought through a very thoughtful process that goes into a science and studies, that’s one thing.> So you’re giving a patient a little bit of nicotine?.> Yes in order to make them quit. or to help them quit because because don’t forget nicotine is actually a drug and it is a strong and potent drug that produces addiction, and sometimes Oh even if you want to quit the drug usage you have some specific physical damage that produces the lack of the drug, so we need to help sometimes, and this is use obviously in a control environment, with their thoughtful process as I said, and it can be prescribed to you that’s one thing, and those are regulated and those are drugs that are regulated, now there is new commercial instruments that tobacco company has placed there on the at the use of public will, and those are the e-cigarette, the vapors, producers, and many other brands that of course or or different products that I don’t even know because every day they come by with them,- and they marking you with different flavors in this,- very difficult to regulate, very difficult to to give particular and damage control issues, because every one of those contain as much nicotine as they want to, they’re not regulated.

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