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Physical changes start during pregnancy as well as hormonal changes. Sandi Glandt, Family & Fitness Coach with Business and Body, explains the process consists of navigating across a lot of topics and suggests some tools to make women feel more confident.


What are some of those pregnancy changes yeah so you know it’s it’s a few things so first we have the physical changes right and you know the physical change is its it starts during pregnancy so you know your your body is changing you’re going through hormonal changes which you know depending on again every pregnancy is different every baby’s different every mom is different it depends on what that looks like for you right of course sleep as a whole as a whole nother topic because that changes during pregnancy as well and then we’re also as I’ve mentioned going through the hormones as well so it’s not just one thing and it’s kind of navigating the ins and outs of what that looks like across all of those topics and I think well it’s beautiful that your body changes and you’re and you’re growing this beautiful baby which is such a blessing the reality is that that you’re not recognizing this body it’s almost like what’s going on you’re and and I think that’s that’s one of those physical changes you talked about that many women struggle with or or try or hard to accept sometime definitely definitely yeah you know especially my first time moms again I went through it you know it’s it’s something that you’re that you’ve never seen before right I mean you know you’re noticing your breasts growing your belly of course is many people these are moving yes it can be very foreign and it’s something that again you can prepare yourself for it but it’s something that the more tools that you can kind of like having that tool belt that you can arm yourself with and prepare yourself with the more you’re gonna feel confident you’re gonna feel like you are in control that’s what I like to give moms because if you can feel that a little bit of but if you can go into the pregnancy and then you know going through pregnancy and then of course afterwards postpartum I feel like that is the biggest it’s just it’s such a confidence booster it makes you feel powerful as a mom and and you know it just makes you feel good and confident you.

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