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Tanya Patron, Physician Assistant with Miami Plastic Surgery, explains if patients are taking care of their skin but need some help with wrinkles because there is a limitation with skincare, they can go to a plastic surgery, and vice versa.

She also says they send patients that are going to see plastic surgeons to a skin care routine first to get the most beneficial results.


Talk about your relationship and how it coexists in helping patients so we’re back basically full circle if a patient comes in and they’re seeing Heidi first and she’s been doing their skin care for a few months and let’s say the patient in her comfortable and they’re having a conversation about some wrinkles well there is a limitation with skincare so she may say you know what we have Tanya here she’s a PA and she can help you with that and then vice versa if somebody comes in to see me and I’m treating them with Botox and fillers but they’re not taking care of their skin all that work just doesn’t look as good so it makes my work actually look better when they see Heidi further skincare because you have to get down to the basics it’s taking care of your skin basically I mean the basics it starts it all starts there and it continues there because basically that’s what our practices wants the patients to to be aware of they want to be aware of that the skincare is your main thing and everything else is added but correcting your skincare your concerns and we all have them we all have concerns we all want to look prettier you know it’s we all want to look good right and it’s true as you say um tanya is that if you don’t have the basics of the skincare anything else that you do after that it’s true it’s not even going to matter because what we’re working with with the foundation is not being taken care of yeah in our practice it actually doesn’t even stop there so if we have a surgical patients and they are just strictly coming in to see one of our plastic surgeons we usually get them on a skincare routine so that when they go into their surgery they’re getting the most beneficial results and you know again you know back to me if you go in and have a facelift and your skin doesn’t look so great then it’s just not as amazing as it should be so we usually have them see the estheticians before they go into their surgical procedures as well you

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