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Postpartum could be a very difficult period for women. Janette Janero, Owner with Naked Formula, considers five weeks after delivery is a good time for starting exercising. In cases of C-section, Dr. Alberto Sirven, Medical Director of the West Kendall OB/GYN Program and Women and Infant Credentials Committee Chairman with West Kendall Baptist Hospital, says the recovery takes a little longer.


So what have you done to start help you know recovering so let me break it down week by week the first week really it’s just about surviving you know go to sleep when you can week number two it’s just focusing on the posture but then it really wasn’t until we can umber five that I worried about okay let’s get the junk foot out of the house all of the sweets and treats that you know the guests brought over let’s get it out focusing on my posture and tucking in my core those early weeks and once I hit six weeks then I could do light exercise I still walked before but once six weeks that’s when I got the clearance and we’re gonna go into more detail in our next segment about great tips that you can do at home just like Jeanette is doing now doctor c-section I experienced it a little different yeah well definitely with a c-section in your recovery might take a little longer than with a vaginal delivery but that does not mean that I’m I think I’ve mentioned a huge story that I have an interesting patient that did it sit-ups right after it’s great so this is an older patient that I was really crazy about exercise and she and Deliver unfortunately by c-section she really wanted a vaginal delivery and that night after the delivery day a nurse called me that they found the patient doing situps on the bed right after the c-section I’ve never seen that and I couldn’t have even imagined that was possible so I rushed to her you want or what are you doing are you crazy and she’s like I know my body I have ghast is the best ways to get rid of it so I mean I wouldn’t advise to it that to anybody but at least let me know that if you lose this settles right after a c-section you’re your stitches not gonna rip open but you know it’s a true story that had to go through it but the truth of the matter is that I think that ideal whether you have a value on the liver or c-section I agree with you net the first two weeks are important to just take it easy spend time with you get used to the fact that you haven’t remember I’m home that is demanding a lot is demanding a lot and is demanding a lot not only emotionally physically but from every aspect though you plus it creates this training your family you have another baby you have a newcomer at home you have to have the older baby I’d get used to the idea of having more members in the household so it’s a lot of things.

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