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Premature Birth Complications, Health Channel

Autism, intellectual disabilities, cerebral palsy, lung problems, and vision and hearing loss are some of the long-term health complications that premature babies can have.

Regarding prematurity, Dr. Alberto Sirven, Medical Director of the West Kendall OB/GYN Program and Women and Infant Credentials Committee Chairman with West Kendall Baptist Hospital, explains one of the parts of the body that is not developed is the brain. He says the brain and lungs tend to develop later in life. Therefore, the earlier the baby is, the higher chances of having damage to any part of the brain.


Premature Birth Complications, Health Channel

We have actually a graphic that can show you some of those long-term health complications that preemies can have and those would be autism intellectual disabilities cerebral palsy lung problems and then vision and hearing loss we have the doctor now at our 3d image wall and doctor I believe you have the example of cerebral palsy so can you tell us what we’re looking at please well what we’re looking at here is a diagram of the brain and here we could see that when there is damage to the white matter and there is a damage to the ventricles secondary to a ventricular leukoplakia we’re gonna have damage to the brain you have to understand that in general when we talk about prematurity one of the parts of the body that is not developed with the brains the brain and the lungs tend to develop later in life so the early the baby is the higher the chances of having damage to any part of the brain that this will cause increased chances of autism in general and in this jungle population they’re saying creatures this is a cerebral palsy as well as lung conditions we have known we have improved a lot of things and neonatal intensive care units to decrease mortality for the quality of life egg dust has affected significant bye to the children secondary to the conditions that affect mainly the brain and alone and when these babies I should say preemies are affected with these health health risks they are immediately taken normally to the NICU right doctor yes well this babies are delivered and and immediately take it to an ICU unit now this conditions are the damage is not going to be something they’re going to be able to tell right away and needless to say that there is very small premature babies who do very well and unfortunately but the majority of them do tend to have some sequels and long term life and then the NICU I mean I’ve been there before it’s just an army of nurses and doctors doing everything humanly possible to help all these babies it’s amazing to see well I think that in general in obstetric one of the things that we have advanced over the years is the developer of the NICU and how well we’re able to treat these babies now I must oppose to many years ago and that’s one of the big things that we have in this car we are supposed to other countries on the develop in the world even though the obstetrical care might be exactly saying when you have a high-risk pregnancy when you have it premature baby there’s no place in the world of those babies survive better than the United States you.

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