South Florida PBS launches Health Channel on FAST channels TV - Health Channel

South Florida PBS launches Health Channel on FAST channels TV

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November 15, 2022


Anabel Cardenas


South Florida PBS launches Health Channel

on FAST channels TV

MIAMI, FL – South Florida PBS’ Health Channel has partnered with FAST Channels TV, a premium video platform, to deliver a new FAST channel which will include a line-up of Health Channel original productions: 

Health InsidersDigging deep into reliable medical information, viewers can expect gripping patient stories and actionable advice from doctors, specialists, nurses, nutritionists, and fitness specialists.

Doctor Q & AProvides viewers across the country access to medical and health experts from some of the most prestigious institutions in the nation such as Duke University, Northwestern University School of Medicine, Miami Orthopedic & Sports Medicine Institute, University of Pittsburg, the Newport Heart Medical Group, etc. These 30-minute programs feature the nation’s top medical experts answering health and wellness questions submitted by viewers. Some of the topics discussed on Doctor Q & A are stomach pain, reflux disease, and IBS; caring for your back; Alzheimer’s Disease; plastic surgery; prostate cancer; bone health; and getting a good night’s sleep, among others.

Smartlife A fast-paced, and entertaining program that brings you reliable and accurate health and wellness information fueling your lifestyle with exciting exercises, healthy eating plans, and patient testimonials.

FAST Channels TV works with content owners and platforms to provide additional content, technology, apps, and monetization services, allowing its partners to focus their resources on securing additional premium content and the marketing efforts that will define a project’s success.

On partnering with FAST Channels TV, Dolores (Sukhdeo) Alonso Fernandez, South Florida PBS President & CEO, stated: “By distributing our content via FAST Channels TV and reaching a wider audience, we are hopeful that the Health Channel will inspire, inform, and encourage viewers to live a healthier life.”

Russell Foy, CEO of Fast Channels TV, commented: “The addition of South Florida PBS’ Health Channel to FAST Channels TV’s diverse content catalog further demonstrates our commitment to expand and deliver top-tier entertainment, opening up new opportunities for customers to get their content in front of global audiences.”

The Health Channel has already launched on FlixHouse and HeroGo TV. It is available in the USA and Canada on Mometu, watch HERE.  

About the Health Channel:  

AllHealthGo is South Florida PBS’ exciting new digital health media venture that is building a trusted source of health and wellness information for consumers hungry for information and understanding. Through AllHealthGo’s Health Channel, the only 24/7 health and wellness TV channel in the country, we connect you with medical and well-being specialists in real-time, promoting healthier lifestyle options. In partnership with prestigious organizations, the service aims to empower you with the most up-to-date information, enabling you to take more control of your and your family’s health. To complement the live interactions with medical and well-being specialists, AllHealthGo offers a robust companion digital platform that provides access to specialized services. To learn more about the Health Channel visit, 

About FAST Channels TV

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