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Proper Computer Posture to Prevent Back Pain |

Proper Computer Posture to Prevent Back Pain, Health Channel

People spend a lot of time every day on the computer and that can lead to a lot of back problems. Jose Mena, Interventional Spine Specialist at Miami Orthopedics & Sports Medicine Institute, says there are options to make it a little bit better for them.

He points out it is important to have the computer up to a more 90 degree angle and the monitor should be at the eye level to avoid stress on the different segments of neck and back.

About standing desk, he says it will be for people that have a disk problem; however, it is not good either to be standing up for eight hours.


Proper Computer Posture to Prevent Back Pain, Health Channel

You know doctor it’s not just and again I don’t think many of us can walk around with the phone straight in front of us like we’re supposed to but also you know computers I know we’re also if we’re not on our phone we’re on our computer so what kind of problems is that presenting and what might an option be as far as you know making it a little bit better for us since we have to work we have to use a computer but making a little better for our backs so I’ll tell you that right now we have I have a disk computer here in front of me you have your computer and the pusher or the the ergonomics that we have right now it’s not the best so just in mind yourself you’re going like this eight hours straight so that’s not a good posture normally you want to have the computer up to a more of a 90 degree angle so everything should be 90 degree 90 degree and your monitor should be at your eye level so that way you don’t put some stress on the different segments in this case in the back and the neck makes good sense so doctor I’d imagine you’re a fan we’ve heard about there’s a new trend some people have standing desks what do you think about those standing desks will be people that they have disk problems or back problems that would be a good good way to help them out however some patient I have seen patient encountering patient practice that they’re standing up for about eight hours or so and sometimes they need to sit down every so often which is okay also will tell the patients if you are sitting down in a chair or maybe you’re in the airplane or that you flew from New York or we have someone that is sitting down for eight hours straight at in in the office normally I tell the patients every half an hour 45 minutes to stand up and take a break so a good pointer to give the audience over here will be patients that they’re in a plane just take an aisle seat because every half an hour 45 minutes you can stand up rather they if you sit in the window you have to ask your neighbor to stand up in order for you to sign up as well but that would be a good thing you would have to get there to help your neighbors to also avoid back problems at the same time

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